EnviroCash is driven to make a difference in the world by empowering businesses with innovative ways of self-issuing digital token based credit to finance their sustainable future production.

What is EnviroCash?

EnviroCash is a DLT-based alternative monetary system allowing member businesses to self-issue digital money more easily, more quickly, and at a fraction of the costs compared to traditional banking options. 

Qualified businesses will be able to create their own cash in the form of digital tokens to finance future sustainable production as needed, which can then be spent anywhere within the EnviroCash network. 

The more businesses that participate, the bigger the overall market becomes. This additional liquidity enables businesses to produce their products and services at a lower overall cost, thus increasing their competitive capabilities. The EnviroCash network can also create new business and new customers by driving in-network commerce between members.

EnviroCash, with our Sustainable Impact Index(“SII”), will provide a simple, one-click solution from within our platform that will allow donors and investors to quickly evaluate each potential capital destination. The SII will also allow for the automated allocation of funds across various categories, with funds split evenly across a range of suitable capital destinations. This can help prevent “winner-take-all” scenarios, where one charity tops the rankings and receives the lion’s share of donations due to their primary position.

The EnviroCash mobile app and white paper are coming soon – please sign up to be notified when they are available for download.

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